About Your Coach
Maggie Lee
High Performance Life Coach,
Author, Artist, Inspirational Speaker
I am a Mother of three girls

Author and illustrator of the book The ​​Key is You. An inspirational book that sparks courage out of each of us to follow our calling.

I have always been the girl who has a million ideas.
I always hear "what is she up to now...?"

I find myself having more than 10 dreams at once that I wanna pursue, and I am constantly buying domains! Lol 

I have been there, where I had so many incredible ideas, but I couldn't focus. 

I would have a million things on my to-do list, and busy all the time, but nothing was getting done. 

My dream of being an artist and song writer was always put on the back burner, because of negative voices from myself, and others. I simply didn't have the time! I was working in a corporate 6 figure job, and I was just living a joyless life, with work that i wasn't aligned with, and fear of what success meant. 

Until I realize Everything starts somewhere. We can all literally live a WHOLE other life with just ONE decision. 

I decided to change. 

So I developed systems that works for a dreamer like myself. 

I became a productive dreamer.

Not in the eyes of others, but I had tangible goals and dreams being checked off one by one. 

since then, I have: 

Developed a High Performance Coaching firm where I would teach people from all over the world how to be a Productive Dreamer. My Clients are finishing their book publishing dreams within 12 weeks, music dreams are being released on the radio, client's making 3K months with their new business!

Written, illustrated and published my very first meaningful story book. My books are in almost every bookstore in Hong Kong. And second book is coming this year!

I designed and released my first children’s app that is available on Apple I-tune stores, Google Play with 5 star ratings. The app went along with my book message, The Key is You.

I became a signed professional song writer, I receive royalties for music and commercials every year.

I get invited for many artistic audio/visual projects, such as commercials, movies, and book illustration, etc. Earning that multiple income streams at my call.

I get to be present with my kids 1000% working at home!

I am finishing up my masters degree this year

"The key to winning every battle is in your hands. The key is You." -Maggie Lee
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